A check in a day keeps the ___ away(?)

by midge 14. July 2016 02:02

What I always find funny about game development, or really software in general is how much work there is that's hard to predict when you get started. Not too much of a surprise in this case I supposed, since I didn't really do too much planning. I started working on this in .NET, got bored or whatever, and started up again in iOS. I'm a little further now so hopefully that won't happen again. Anyways, to my point, I didn't think much about the menus or the initialization screen, I was mostly thinking about the gameplay itself.

Lately I've been working on the menu and the initialization screen, mostly just choosing where to put your pieces when you get started. My progress has slowed a bit but I'm happy that I'm still usually making at least one check in a day when I'm not socializing or doing something else. And more often than not just sitting down to do some work snowballs into getting a lot more work done than the bare minimum of a single check in.

I guess I'm still working towards the MVP, (I'm da real MVP) minimum viable product that is. The bare minimum I can do to make this a playable game. Probably doing single player for starters.

In some ways, multiplayer might actually be easier, because there's no AI component. My first goal is going to be simple single player with stupid AI. That's the ticket!

Screenshot of the initialization screen ATM below.


and here's a pug pissing all over the place:



Moving along

by midge 2. July 2016 02:35


I'm pretty tired, I put in some time today. I haven't been doing a write up everyday, so I'm just going to focus on what I got done today. I started off with the logic for determining who wins the stratego battles, pretty straightforward. But then the rendering was bugging me... it was just too slow. I stepped away from the computer for a while and got the hunch that I was probably creating redundant sprites that I was supposed to be looking up/ updating.

So after every redraw, I spit out the sprite count. Lo and behold, I had a shit ton too many sprites. That took quite a while to fix. Its not my cleanest code ever, I really should go back and organize/refactor etc. The rendering issues have been more of a pain than the game logic by far. I guess that makes sense because I never really read up on spritekit much, I just worked off of the demo and got working until I started having problems.


So anyways, now you can move pieces around and the piece logic is applied. The biggest thing bugging me is there is a bit of lag between selecting where to move to, and the piece actually moving there. I want to test on actual devices to see if that goes away.

I know that I've come pretty far in a relatively short time, but I feel like I'm still working on basics. There's still quite a bit to work on, I'll probably do detecting end game conditions and restart, that's pretty easy.

annnnnnd nap-time.



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