I worked on piece placement a little more tonight

by midge 11. August 2016 06:13

In case the deep link doesn't work for the above embedded video, relevant part here.


So I detected the case where the piece should actually be put on the board, and removed it from the list of pieces to be placed. I also changed it so the label with the piece count is decremented. I still need to draw the places pieces and allow the user to remove them. But I wrote up a list of like 5 or 6 small tasks that I can get to right away next time I work on it.

I procrastinate much less when I have a concrete list of things to do. Usually the more granular the better. The more vague/large/intimidating a task is, the more likely I'll defer it.

Getting there. Probably put in about 40mins or so tonight.



A tiny little check-in

by midge 10. August 2016 05:47

So small!


What I like about version control is it keeps me honest about my progress or lack thereof. 7/29/16 was my last check-in, and that was also a pretty small one.

It's on the screen where you set up the placement of your pieces. When you select a new tile, it now deselects the old tile properly.

There were a couple of methods in there, and it took a little while to get up to speed on what the hell I was last doing, but I'm pretty glad I took the time. Probably a little over a half an hour.

I'm just trying to get back in the habit of regular check-ins.

Onward and upward.




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