I did so much stuff

by midge 20. January 2015 04:47

Only metadata left. Screenshots and such.

I'm either submitting it tomorrow after work, or maybe even on my lunch break.


I got a lot done/ but I'm not done

by midge 19. January 2015 03:33

I added a confirmation to the preferences screen for when the user wants to clear all progress and achievements.

I made it so all of the pages work with flexible sizes... I tested it in the simulator, but it should work for larger phones as well.This had the added side benefit of forcing me to learn layout constraints.

I refactored a little.

Then I spent the rest of the night searching for public domain images to replace the ones that seem to have copyright holders...I found some really cool images but I'm bummed that I'm going to have to replace one of the cave images.

I may have to make an attributions page.


Gamecenter shenanigans/ Moving the helicopter to the left

by midge 18. January 2015 04:54

I moved the helicopter to the left on the screen so people who insist on playing with their right thumb have enough space to see the blocks coming from the right.

I also switched out the deprecated game center authentication method (which was much easier to use!). The new one left me scratching my head for a while before I found a stackoverflow post that addressed why it wasn't working.

Not done yet! But soon. Soon.


So I missed my target date

by midge 16. January 2015 03:34

I took the day off of work to work on the game. Although I missed my arbitrarily imposed target date, I'm glad I tried to take it seriously, it gave me enough of a push to really work on finishing this up. Last night I think I worked on things until 4am. I did sleep until about noon, but after that I was right back to it. Off and on until about now.

So the game center stuff is almost completely all done. I did use a deprecated method that I'll probably have to find a replacement for but all the achievements work and they're pretty cool.

I made a quick little game completed, thanks for playing the game screen. No big deal, but it's nice to have a little something there when someone finishes the game. I guess the gameCenter achievement stuff is really what ate up all my time.

I realized that I had made a stupid typo and then copy-pasted it everywhere for the achievements, it made me have to re-create all of the achievements in itunes connect because it was a non-editable field.

Alright... so I'm not done, what's left?

Gamecenter bug - you can start playing before you log into gamecenter, then the login pops up over the game while the game is already going. I need to fix this.

Replace that deprecated code, which actually is what calls the aforementioned login issue. Who knows where fixing this will take us.

Getting it to size properly on different phones. I'm sticking to iPhones for now, and I think that was a wise decision. One of the advantages of iOS dev used to be that you were only developing for a screen size or 2, not any more.

Test more on actual devices.

Make sure that all resources are public domain. If any are not, replace them with public domain alternatives.

A VERY simple webpage for the game. I haven't decided where to host this yet, but I really want to go the simplest route possible. Google sites? Somewhere on this site? Github page? I dunno. I'm not sure I want everyone who plays the game to see all my stupid pictures on this blog.

A possible tip jar, this may still get cut.

Distribution profile an misc app store screenshots/forms etc.

Not too bad.


I worked on achievements a lot more

by midge 15. January 2015 05:15

They're not completely done, but I made very good progress.

I made an icon for the achievements (same one for all 8). I configured all 8 of them in itunes connect. I made a new provisioning profile because I found out I had to do that to get game center working.

I authenticated the game center player (still needs some more work for people who don't want to use game center).

I created an achievements button that will pull up the achievements list.

I created a test user to use in the gamecenter testing sandbox.

I still need to hook up the game center stuff, but honestly I'm pretty happy with the progress I made tonight.

Lots of work cut out for me tomorrow.


A little more achievement logic

by midge 14. January 2015 04:32

So all of my logic is done, now I just need to configure itunes connect and do the authentication and gamecenter specific code.

I may have to make an achievement icon. I could leave it blank, but an empty achievement icon looks pretty ghetto.


Achievement unlocked!

by midge 13. January 2015 04:34

I mean, I worked on achievements. It took me a little while to get started tonight, to figure out exactly what part I wanted to work on.

At first I started working on the IAP tip jar, but I felt weird doing it, and it felt like a non-essential feature. Something I could add in later. So I decided to work on achievements.

First things first, I had to decide what my achievements were going to be. Cool, I came up with 8 of them. Then I started working on logic for detecting when those achievements have been accomplished. Admittedly, I haven't finished that, but I think I got a good start. I hope hope hope to finish them up tomorrow night.


I updated the level progress labels

by midge 12. January 2015 01:29

So now they have a little more info. And now after you beat a level it will tell you how many times you beat it.

I've been thinking about adding an IAP for a donation, just a little .99 "tip jar".

I was actually a little disappointed in myself because I felt so tired tonight. I did get to the gym and get a decent amount of things done today, so maybe I should just be thankful that I'm getting to bed at a reasonable time. That almost never happens.


Just a little bit tonight

by midge 11. January 2015 04:10

I started doing some things to prepare the app for submitting it, but there's still a few more things I'd like to fix/improve before doing that.

There are a handful of things I'd like to finish up before submitting it. I told everyone I'd submit it on 1/15. I'd really like to hit that date. We'll see.


Started late - Went Late

by midge 10. January 2015 05:56

I got a lot of stuff done tonight, I'm very pleased with my progress.

I worked on the preferences screen, gave it the same cloud background as the main screen and the level select screen.

I made it so you could configure your sound settings to ON or OFF, and the settings would be stored. I made it so those setting actually worked (didn't play sounds if they were off, duh).

I added a level complete sound effect that I'm pretty happy with.

I was initially going to default the sound to off, but I like the sound effects so much I'm going to leave the default as on. Also, you can control the sound with the volume buttons now... but I added that one yesterday.


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