Tilting animations, collision detection refinements

by midge 20. April 2014 01:37


I worked on the game twice today, once much earlier and once more just now. Earlier in the day I got the tilt animations working. I ended up just adding in some empty space around the resource images so that there would be plenty of space within the image to rotate without getting cut off on the edges. Because that rectangle used for the graphics is much larger, I no longer use that for collision detection.

I now use one box for the helicopter body, and one for the rotor/tail combo. I think this was a pretty nice compromise. Red one above is the body area, purple is the rotor. Yellow are the levelblocks that are being tested for collision. Above I just turned all of the level bricks on, but I'm only checking for collisions, not handling them.

Despite getting a decent amount done, I didn't feel super motivated today.

Here's some stuff that's left:

  • Crash animation
  • Detecting game over condition, starting crash animation/explosion. Basically the game over --> new game path
  • Menu screen
  • High score screen, storing high scores (probably no game center integration yet)
  • level data, possibly a level selection screen
  • Writing current score and best score on screen while playing
  • Improve level graphics with some textures.


That said, I think I'm going to work on the game over --> new game part and make some very very simple menus first.

I don't know if I'll be rolling my own menus or using some apple UI stuff, I might need to do some research.







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