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by midge 27. April 2014 13:58

I worked on menu flow yesterday, pretty late at night. I did most of my work from midnight to about 3am.

I was over complicating things a bit, I think. I stripped it down to bare-bones, and mostly leveraged things I already know. I was thinking about writing a fancy level select screen with a UICollectionViewController, but I don't know how to use that yet. It's like a table view controller but much more powerful. Then I decided that was a stupid thing to waste my time on. I don't need to spend all this time for a fancy level selection screen if I'll have what, 3 levels tops at first? I just used buttons.

I basically wired the whole thing up. There's a main menu screen, a level select screen, a preferences screen, a placeholder for the actual game [Game Goes Here] and then a Game over Menu.

I broke these up into separate projects so I wouldn't accidentally break something on the game while making big changes on the menu.

The menus look awful, but I'm not focusing on that yet. I just want them to work, and that's what they seem to be doing for now.

It really is amazing how much time this whole thing takes.

My next steps are probably going to be going back to the game (not the menu project) and work on loading external resources (levels and scores) detecting when the game is over, and being able to restart the game level.

Then I'll probably merge the two projects, menu and game play.


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