I'm going to level with you...

by midge 23. September 2014 02:22

And by that I mean I'm going to talk about my not quite yet done but getting ever closer to done level editor!

I was trying to show a friend the progress I had made on it, and immediately I noticed an annoying bug. So I fixed that. I was using the spacebar to toggle draw/edit mode but that was firing a button on the page that cause a dialog to pop up. Whoops, annoying... but easy fix.

Today I added the functionality of being able to add/remove length to the level. This went pretty well. You can adjust the level size, no big deal. I tried up to a couple thousand columns in length and it seemed to work fine. Because I'm only displaying 70 columns at a time in the editor, there's no real performance slowdown for editing large levels. This was all pretty straightforward, and I'm happy with that.

I decided to be a well rounded (less rounded?) individual and do some gym stuff tonight, so that shortened the amount of time I had to work on things. I was hoping to get to file stuff but I only barely just touched that.

I hardcoded writing a text file to a predetermined location. I might actually make a nice UI so that I don't accidentally save over the wrong level file while I'm working on them.

A few ideas:

Drawing while scrolling seems like a great idea. Getting mouse info while handling keyboard input isn't super intuitive so I may have a keyboard moveable cursor as well so you can draw while scrolling. Or I may just fix it the RIGHT way and figure out how to get mouse key state and location while scrolling the game window by pressing a keyboard key.

Some "fill under" and "fill over" options would make level creation much faster. Almost ever level will have a ceiling and floor, like in a cave. If I just want solid floors and ceilings I can use this option. But I can also draw stuff in that area.

I may have text written in the level with hints like "up up, down" written right in the level as arrows and then have a series of choices where they have to go up twice and then down or they'll hit a dead end.

I also think that ints on most ios devices now are 64 bit. If true, I'll modify my game level to have a vertical resolution of 64, which will look better on the ipad anyway. I should probably figure that out somewhat soon, before I invest massive amounts of time in level design.

I also need a "win" screen for when people beat levels, and then move them onto the next one. I need to think about that more.

So I worked worked on some stuff tonight, and apparently it was great.


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