Level editor possibly done?!!

by midge 24. September 2014 02:35

I worked for about 2 hours tonight and feel like I made more progress than I had in any other single night in recent memory.

I thought the file I/O was going to be pretty easy, and it pretty much was. So now you can create the file levels, save them, and then open them again later.

I do of course need to test that the ios app can read these files in correctly. I want to make sure that the level that I see in the editor is the same as the level I see in the game. I did have an issue with the level showing up backwards after saving and then reloading it. Hopefully that's not an issue reading the data from files in iOS. I'll know soon enough.

The "fill under" and "fill over" modes were really good ideas. That is going to make level creation much easier I think.

I'm still wondering if I'll end up going to 64 bit ints for more vertical resolution.

I'm also wondering if the helicopter animation is small enough to allow for enough movement and fun gameplay. If not... I'll have to scale it down, and I may have to adjust hitboxes in that case, which would not be fun. We'll see.

Have a look at the pretty much kinda finished level editor in action:



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