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by midge 2. October 2014 02:32

I was pretty lazy today, and I procrastinated waaay too much tonight.

But, at least I did something. Just busywork and then  a little bit of thinking. I added a bunch of buttons to the level select screen.


Then I did some code reading to figure out what I wanted to do. I think I'm going to end up storing level data in a plist. I've used them before for other projects and they're pretty easy to work with. There's an editor for them right in xcode.

I've decided the levels are going to have a strict ordering, with the exception of an infinity level, which i'll probably refer to internally as 999 or something. It would use an infinity symbol, but this would not be first release. Above is my uninspiring current level select screen with text buttons only.

I'm going to replace these with a screenshot of the level with a number superimposed on that graphic. I'll eventually want to support more than one screen of levels, but I'll cross that bridge if and when I get to it.

I mentioned using plists earlier... one nice thing about that is they can be read globally... so I don't have to pass around level meta data from the level select view controller to the game view controller.

plists will probably be a good place to put player high scores and stuff. I haven't thought much about game center integration. I wasn't originally planning on doing it, but I may revisit it once I get closer to completion.

That's it for today!



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