Ye Olde Level Design Doc - Analog edition

by midge 7. October 2014 01:04


I was feeling a little bit of frustration yesterday trying to design levels in the level editor. I was grumbling about my tools, but really I didn't know what I wanted to make. I decided to take a step back tonight and start designing with pen and paper.

This was really fun, even though I've only just gotten started. It gave me a lot of good ideas. I don't know why, but I feel a lot more creative with pen and paper than I did in front of my level editor.

Half of the fun was coming up with stupid names for the levels. "Slopes for dopes", "Sir Blocks a lot" and "A series of tubes" are all still in the running. I hadn't thought of any way to display level names, but I think I'm going to work it in, because coming up with fun level names is - ahem, fun. It makes them more memorable. Giving each level a unique feel seems like a really good idea too.

I also like the idea of having a little preview of the next level at the end of the current level.

I'm probably going to have to tweak the speed to make the game more challenging at the end. Gravity may have to be adjusted as well. Maybe I'll even tweek this blog entry...

There we go, much better.

Anways, I'm glad I put the programming aside for a night and just got back to game designing. Now that I've built up the engine and some tools, I know that I can do all this stuff, and that is pretty encouraging. I can dream up some cool stuff now, and then make it later without too much (additional) difficulty.

I realized that my personal ios dev account had expired. I was about to renew that tonight, but I recognized that for what it really was - procrastination. I didn't know wtf I was going to do next for levels and I wanted something semi straightforward again. I'm not going to let myself renew that thing until I have all of the levels made. That will sort of be a reward. Once I get it on devices I will show people I know IRL, that will be a good incentive. Although I remember the ios provisioning profiles, key chain, and whatever else you need to do to load the apps on physical hardware to be a bit of a pain in the ass. I've done it before, I can do it again.


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