I made one easy level and one difficult level.

by midge 9. October 2014 02:32

The easy level was easy to make. The difficult one was difficult to make because... my first several versions of it were actually impossible. I don' t mean that as "challenging" I mean actually physically impossible. The copter just could not climb or dive fast enough to navigate the level. It took several iterations to make the level playable.

I like the hard level. It's short, but rewarding. It was originally supposed to be level 2, but it's waayy to difficult. It might be like 6 or 7.


I switched to a descriptive naming scheme for the levels, for the files at least. Instead of level1.txt, level2.txt, etc... I switched to "easySlopes.txt" "diveClimbSqueeze.txt". This makes more sense because as I learned tonight, sometimes it's hard to predict how difficult a level will feel. I can make the levels and then put them in some order that makes sense later.

This was fun. More time consuming than I expected, but it pretty much always goes that way. I *may* still tweak diveClimbSqueeze to make it a little easier. I must say, leaving the level as difficult as it is, I sure felt a sense of achievement when I actually played through that bugger. That's a good thing.

Designing and then playtesting your own levels when you try to make something difficult is a funny thing. While you're making it you feel like "haha, take that you son of a a bitch!". And then 5 minutes later when you are play testing it "YOU SON OF A BITCH! This is impossible!"

And then it was 2:30 AM.

The End.


Edit - Punny idea for a level  "blocking bugs" and you have to dodge graphics that look like the space invaders bugs.


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