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by midge 3. November 2014 03:13

So the other day I was pretty good. I finished up that level I had been working on, and I created an additional. This placed me at 10 out of 12 levels. I didn't really feel like working on a level today, so I did something I was kind of saving as dessert - I renewed my ios dev account and tried putting the game on an actual test device.

This had been a little bit of a pain in the ass when I did it for work a couple of years ago. It was far easier this time. I think I learned a little bit from the previous experience, but I also think they streamlined the tools a lot. You could just start trying things and the UI would be much more helpful, like oh I see you don't have this, would you like to get that? Sort of thing.

So I now have my crappy little game on my phone!!!

Some quick observations - playing with your right thumb obscures the screen a little bit, you can't see what's coming. People will probably want to touch the bottom of the screen if they are playing right handed. I could compress the screen and just give some dead space on the right they could use as a button so that they can still use that area and not feel like they're handicapping themselves by not being able to see whats coming. Or... hell I could allow them to invert the game to travel in the other direction. That would actually be pretty easy.

I think the controls are actually EASIER on the phone. The touch screen is just so responsive and easy to do a quick tap with, that it seems simpler than the button on my mac air. One consequence of this... I will probably need more levels. I think people will smoke through these 12 faster than I expected. I could probably make some of the dummy starter levels about 2x as long in no time. There's nothing to them.

Also... really weird bug where if you touch in the middle bottom of the screen, the copter seems to dive. I don't know what that's about yet.


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