Now everyone just calm down.

by midge 4. November 2014 04:18

I got some good work done tonight.

I was actually quite bothered by the problem with the touch not working in certain areas on the phone, especially towards the bottom of the screen in landscape. It makes sense for my game to use that if you want to play right handed and still want to see most of the level coming up.

Turns out it was just a setting on the iphone. I don't know if I can disable it programmatically, but you can change it from the phone settings. I'll probably put it in the instructions. Disabling the control center from within apps will do it.

I didn't work on any levels, but I did actually write some code! Only a very little bit, but it was very productive. I think putting the game on testing devices will speed me up a lot. Now I want to show my friends, and I don't want to have to explain away why things look messed up or certain things don't work yet. I just want them to work.

I made it so the "play now" button works... it just goes to the first level. I may make it use some logic or whatever based on your progress. But for now... just the first level, deal with it.

After beating a level... the "Next Level" button now works. It just takes you to... you guessed it... the next level. I might put some logic around this to have some more complicated behavior, but if if this works, I might just stick with it.

I added a working title to the Main screen "CAVERN COPTER".

I made the buttons much larger so they were easier to hit, and especially much wider so you can use your left or right hand to reach them quite easily.

Then some very minor stuff for button placement. Very good progress.

I like switching around tasks once in a while, it makes it feel "new" again.

The future is now.



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