but i'm le tired

by midge 6. November 2014 05:14

I stayed up too late tonight/this morning... But I got a lot done.


Made a new easy level, I didn't even plan on doing that today. 11/12, booYa. I may add more easy ones to pad it out, since the easy ones are much simpler to create.

I found a nasty bug that only showed up on one level. I resolved the bug, but I wasn't sure exactly what was causing it. Just through blind experimentation. It was an annoying and serious bugger. On that level, you could just drop the bottom and as long as you stayed there... none of the hit detection would go off when you hit things from the side.

After much experimentation, tweaking a constant fixed this. I_DONT_KNOW. oh well.

I got beers last night with a few friends. That was very valuable playtesting for my little game. The consensus was: "Level 2 is waaay too hard". They were right. I moved it to be level 8 now. So it will be a short, but somewhat challenging level that shows up later in the list.

Nap time!



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