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by midge 23. November 2014 03:38

I should get an award for procrastinating today. I meant to work on this thing but did everything but.

I was at a tech conference in Orlando all last week, so I didn't really have the energy to work on stuff during the week. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a session on Game Development. Mostly C# stuff. It was very interesting, and made me want to start using a lot more Unity (ahem, compared to the not using it at all at the moment). A lot of cool stuff in that session.

Anyways, I continued working on my game at like 1am, and it took me a little while to get moving. No real game stuff, just generic programming.

File I/O in objective-C is super not fun. Just everything is so non-intuitive and verbose it's kind of ridiculous. So that's what I was working with tonight.

Previously I had written the read only level meta data pList for level info, now I'm working on storing the level progress which will obviously have to be writable. This stuff would be really simple for someone more practice in objective-C stuff, but I'm a little rusty.

Nothing tooooo interesting here. Hopefully I can get a little bit more done in the morning tomorrow.


yep yep.


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