All I do is increment the win counter

by midge 25. November 2014 03:10

So I resumed in the place I left off yesterday. It's good to get back to working on this with some regularity, even though progress subjectively feels slow at the moment.

Ha. I'm working on the LevelProgress plist and I said progress was slow. Unintentional. So basically all the code I wrote tonight was boring file I/O stuff. I took my time and it seems to be working. I'll have to test the hell out of it to make sure some write error won't blow away all of the progress.

I hate to say it, but I just thought of a super low tech, easier solution than all I just did. It would have been easier and probably saved me time. Oh well, at least I got some more practice with plists.

I'll be able to use all the stuff I just wrote in game pretty soon. That means locking/unlocking levels and keeping track of stats and high scores. Weee!


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