No work tonight

by midge 28. February 2015 03:48

I'm just taking it easy. But I do want to say that Dodgy Copter 1.0.1 was approved very quickly (4days!) so I'm very pleased with the update.

It's nice that I don't have to cringe when I try to promote my game and ask if the person has an iPhone4 anymore, now it pretty much works well on any phone model.

For Dodgy Copter... the question for me now is how much do I want to continue promoting it and working on it, vs how much energy do I want to put into new projects.

I started 2048 and that is playable, but still needs a good deal of polish. My biggest concern for that one is that it will get rejected for being an outright clone, so I have to add enough changes to spice it up.

The ad income for Dodgy Copter is simply not enough. Granted, I don't need to live off of this money or anything, but at this rate I will not earn my $99 developer fee back. I don't expect dodgy copter alone to do that, but I would like to make my $99 bucks back over the course of the year across multiple games.

I mean even if the money doesn't happen, I'm very happy about the project, and all of them that I will do this year - but getting my money back is psychologically a big deal for me - for whatever reason. It just makes it feel like all of this time wasn't a waste.

I've got 304 downloads on the game so far. Getting 1000 would be great. I'm very curious to see how much of a bump the 1.0.1 update gives the download numbers. We'll see.

Moping aside, I'm still pretty happy to have at least one game DONE.


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